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Here's Why Your Old High School Friends Are Unfriending You On Facebook  8 hours ago

If you're on Facebook, you probably have at least one former high school classmate who seems to never stop overloading your News Feed with crazy political rants or unnecessarily personal life updates. Perhaps you've thought about unfriending this person, or even gone ahead and pulled the trigger. To those of you, we say: You are far from alone. In reality, it appears former high school friends are unfriended more than any other group on Facebook, according to a recent study by Christopher Sibona, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado Denver. For the study, Sibona separated Facebook friends into 15 distinct "types" -- neighbors, church friends, friends of friends, etc. He then surveyed 1,077 people online to figure out who they unfriend on Facebook and why. The findings were presented at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in January. Sibona, who studies information systems, found his survey participants by searching for people who had publicly complaine...

Jodie Foster Marries Girlfriend Alexandra Hedison  8 hours ago

Jodie Foster is married! A rep for Foster confirmed to E! News the actress married her girlfriend, photographer Alexandra Hedison, last weekend. The two began dating last summer and news of their romance first surfaced in October 2013. Foster and Hedison were photographed in January taking a stroll in New York City's West Village. The 51-year-old star publicly came out at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards while on stage accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award. "I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago, back in the Stone Age. In those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends, and family, coworkers and then gradually, proudly, to everyone who knew her," she said. "If you had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you, too, would value privacy above all else," she later added.

Jeb Bush: ‘I’m thinking about running for president’  9 hours ago

Feb. 26, 2013: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush talks after his address on education to the Texas Business Leadership Council in Austin, Texas.AP Jeb Bush said Wednesday he's "thinking about running for president," in his most di...

Perry rips ‘out-of-control’ federal government over Texas land dispute  5 hours ago

Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined his state?s top attorney on Wednesday in blasting the federal Bureau of Land Management over concerns that it may be looking at laying claim to thousands of acres of property in northern Texas.

'Bachelorette' contestant dies after parachute accident, report says  9 hours ago

A man who was after ?Bachelorette? star Andi Dorfman?s heart is in critical condition after a paragliding accident during which his parachute collapsed and he crashed into a hillside, according to Us Weekly.

Jeb Bush Admits That He's 'Thinking About Running For President'  7 hours ago

Jeb Bush is admitting what most political observers have already assumed -- the former Florida governor is weighing a 2016 presidential bid. Bush's remarks came Wednesday at a benefit for a Catholic school in New York, according to an attendee who provided details to Fox News. "I'm thinking about running for president," the Republican reportedly told the crowd. According to Fox, the crowd then gave Bush a standing ovation. "Can someone call my mother so she can hear this?" Bush said in response to the applause. Last year, the former governor's mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, threw cold water on the idea of her second-to-oldest son vying for the Oval Office. ?I think it?s a great country, there are a lot of great families, and it's not just four families or whatever," she told NBC's Matt Lauer. "There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we?ve had enough Bushes." Despite his mother's wishes, Bush has previously hinted that he's considering following i...

Dutch fighter jets intercept 2 Russian bombers  4 hours ago

Dutch fighter jets scrambled Wednesday to intercept a pair of Russian military aircraft that entered their airspace, a fairly routine action that comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, a Dutch official said.

Codecademy Moves To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Programming Education  9 hours ago

Since its launch two years ago Codecademy has become synonymous with online education for basic computer programming. In that time, the company says it?s learned a few things itself and today launched a newly redesigned website with an enhanced framework for teaching more than just the nuts and bolts of programming. In some ways it?s the company?s attempt to transform itself from? Read More

The Next Keystone? Natural gas project draws environmentalist ire  6 hours ago

A liquefied natural gas facility in southern Maryland is generating intense criticism from environmental groups, in a fight that echoes the protracted battle over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Energy company Dominion Re...

Prince Charles' brother-in-law dies in New York  4 hours ago

By Steve Almasy, CNN updated 5:43 PM EDT, Wed April 23, 2014 (CNN) -- The brother-in-law of Britain's Prince Charles died in New York on Wednesday after suffering a head injury in a fall, the prince's official residence annou...

David Alan Grier's 'How To Tell Black People Apart' Is Just What The World Needs  5 hours ago

David Alan Grier may be responsible for solving Hollywood's most awkward problem -- those moments when black celebrities are confused with other black celebrities. We're sure you remember the Samuel L. Jackson debacle, the Alfre Woodard, Idris Elba disaster, or the Octavia Spencer red carpet mishap. This infomercial for David Alan Grier?s book ?How To Tell Black People Apart? featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live is not only the funniest thing we've seen all day, but it's also just what the world needs. In it, Grier shares the side-splitting acronym you?ll never remember: PATWWFLLM. Which stands for ?Pay Attention To What We F**king Look Like Motherf**kers!!!? The book may not be real, but the problem sure is. Hopefully Grier?s spoof is as educational as it is hilarious.

Lessons Learned From a Year Without Showering  7 hours ago

As of today it has been one year since my last shower. Yes, I know that sounds crazy and a year ago I would have agreed with you. I was a regular showering guy for the first 26 years of my life. Well, maybe not every single day, but just about. So how does a regular showering guy end up going 365 days and counting without taking a shower? It started with a long bike ride across America to promote sustainability and eco-friendly living. I set a bunch of rules for myself to follow to lead by example. The rule for water was that I could only harvest it from natural sources such as lakes, rivers and rain or from wasted sources such as leaky faucets. And I kept track of exactly how much I used too, with an aim of showing just how little we need to get by. I made it through the 100-day bike ride without taking a shower and for me that was quite the task in itself. But everything had gone so well that I decided to continue my showerless streak. I set a goal for 6 months and when that...

These 11 Genius Business Cards Put Everyone Else's To Shame  11 hours ago

If you think the Internet has rendered business cards obsolete, it probably just means you need a better idea. The fact is, the vast majority of Americans still exchange cards when they first meet, according to a recent survey by DesignCrowd, a crowdsourcing site that sells business card designs. You just need make sure your card stands out among the rest. If you're struggling to think outside the box, here's some inspiration. For the fitness guru who wants to show off those downward-facing digits. Or the yoga instructor who is ready to roll. For the plastic surgeon who is well-endowed. And the shipping exec who want to prove she's no square. For the tennis coach who's looking for love. And the enterprising rabbi, who's a cut above the rest. For the headshop owner who helps out his clients in a twist. And the cheese monger who cuts the cheese. For the bike repairman who won't screw you out of a good deal. And the meat shop owner who is no jerk. A...

Russian social media CEO quits post, flees country  7 hours ago

The founder of Russia's leading social media network -- a wunderkind often described as Russia's Mark Zuckerberg -- has left his post as CEO and fled the country as cronies of President Vladimir Putin have made steady inroads into the company's ownership.

FCC Rules Would Allow Preferred Web Traffic  5 hours ago

WASHINGTON?The Federal Communications Commission plans to propose new open Internet rules on Thursday that would allow content companies to pay Internet service providers for special access to consumers, according to a person...

Massive Iceberg Six Times The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Antarctica (VIDEO)  10 hours ago

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON, April 23 (Reuters) - Scientists are monitoring an iceberg roughly six times the size of Manhattan - one of the largest now in existence - that broke off from an Antarctic glacier and is heading into the open ocean. NASA glaciologist Kelly Brunt said on Wednesday the iceberg covers about 255 square miles (660 square km) and is up to a third of a mile (500 meters) thick. Known as B31, the iceberg separated from Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier last November, Brunt added. "It's one that's large enough that it warrants monitoring," Brunt said in a telephone interview, noting that U.S. government organizations including the National Ice Center keep an eye on dozens of icebergs at any given time. The iceberg's present location is not in an area heavily navigated by ships. "There's not a lot of shipping traffic down there. We're not particularly concerned about shipping lanes. We...

Apple Boosts Buyback as Earnings, Sales Rise  4 hours ago

Apple Inc. reported a 7% increase in quarterly profit, amid intensifying competition for mobile devices, and announced increases to its stock buyback and dividend programs. Chief Executive Tim Cook said the company chose to e...

Oh, the Irony: An Afternoon With Bethany Hamilton at Universal Studios  8 hours ago

The sign that arched over the entrance may as well have said, "Welcome to Hell." I had slipped into my own personal version of it, but I hadn't died and gone there; I was very much alive and aware of what was going on around me. "Welcome to Universal Studios! Do you have a minute to talk about upgrading to an American Express business card?" smiled a cute sales girl, unaware of the shadow she just cast on my sunny afternoon with her credit card pitch. The smell of California Pizza Kitchen emanated from around every corner and there was no square inch of the place that wasn't for sale. And on those corners, there were credit card sales(wo)men pitching their wares, however begrudgingly. Hell, I say. But I wasn't at Universal Studios on the first truly warm day of spring to lose my faith in American entertainment. I was there to meet with surfing's sweetheart Bethany Hamilton and talk with her about what she's up to -- winning Pipe, her future in surfing, her new sandal model and other...

Top Al Qaeda commander relocates to Syria  6 hours ago

A member of Al Qaeda's senior leadership, Sanafi al Nasr, has relocated to Syria, where he is living openly and publicly courts his followers on twitter, according to counter-terrorism analysts and social media messages.

Turkish leader offers condolences to Armenians over massacre  8 hours ago

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered condolences to Armenian descendants of massacre victims in a message ahead of the 99th anniversary of the atrocity that Turkey still refuses to describe as a genocide.

10 things we waste money on  7 hours ago

Financial guru Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze reveal their list of 10 things Americans waste money on.

New Paterno statue planned in State College  11 hours ago

Less than two years after a bronze statue of Joe Paterno was ripped from Penn State?s campus, plans are in place for a new statue of the football coach just outside campus.

Pacers' Lance Stephenson, Evan Turner reportedly trade blows  9 hours ago

After stumbling down the stretch, the Pacers are apparently fighting mad. Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner were reportedly involved in a fistfight on the eve of Indiana's first-round playoff series against the Hawks.

2 former LA deputies accused of planting guns  6 hours ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies were charged with planting guns to make arrests at a medical marijuana dispensary, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Julio Cesar Martinez, 39, and Anthony Manuel Paez, 32, were charged last week with conspiracy and alteration of evidence by a ...

Fashion industry launches Born Free collection and HIV initiative  9 hours ago

A Celine tote for $220? A Carolina Herrera shirt dress for $255? And shopping for a good cause too? No, you?re not dreaming. The items are available to buy at and as part of a new capsule collection lau...